Action Learning

Igniting Fire

At the crossroads of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and hospital organizations, the Chair develops a pragmatic, action-learning approach based on real-life case studies, role playing and negotiation workshops co-facilitated by the decision-makers actually involved in the case studies. On completion of the sessions, participants have the skills to sponsor a project in an entrepreneurial spirit, build a strategic action plan, negotiate and win the support of others. Each year, the Chair organizes immersion visits to European biotech and medtech firms, offering students an inside glimpse of the industry and its challenges, from lab bench to production sites. Team projects are led in tandem with managers of partner companies. Through real-world problems and creative solutions, the Chair’s vocation is to ignite fires, not fill vessels.

Managing Therapeutic Innovation

This course helps participants grasp the challenges of innovation management in the health industries. During the sessions (50 hours), a wide variety of case studies are analyzed from a range of different perspectives: intellectual property, technology transfers, vaccine manufacturing, health technology assessment, connected medical devices, companion diagnostics, targeted therapies, hospital performance and more. Role playing and negotiation workshops are organized with experts and decision-makers actually involved in the cases discussed. By meeting with industry leaders, participants can establish close contacts with enterprises and expand their career opportunities. The international scope of the seminar allows students to approach these complex challenges from a global perspective.

Ethical dilemmas in the health industry

In this course, participants analyze the ethical tensions inherent in the health industry. During the sessions (25 hours), participants are confronted with critical situations. They also identify pragmatic solutions that can transform scientific advances into social progress. The sessions explore a wide range of cases in depth: crisis management during a pandemic alert, direct-to-consumer advertising of a breast cancer genomic test, development of online patient communities, recalling of blockbuster drugs due to side effects, development of stem cell private banks, commercialization of expensive orphan drugs for rare conditions, launching of clinical trials in developing countries, etc. All these topics stimulate debates on performance versus risk or pragmatism versus exemplarity. Role playing and negotiation workshops are organized in order to reveal each participant’s set of values and allow them to develop their personal ethics and leadership.