Introduction to the Chair of Innovation in Health

Karine Lamiraud, Associate Professor, Chaired Professor of the Chair of Innovation in Health, ESSEC Business School

Think about it… Genomics, targeted therapies, cell engineering, tissue regeneration, medical imaging, surgical robotics, therapeutic vaccines, connected medical devices, etc. So many mind-blowing technologies being industrialized at an exponential pace. Unprecedented biotech and medtech innovations raise tremendous hope for patients and their families, given that some therapies are actually targeting the causes of certain diseases, not just their symptoms. But how can these advances become accessible to everyone?

Since its creation in 2004, the Chair of Innovation in Health is pursuing two objectives:

  1. Train the upcoming generation of decision-makers in innovation management and stimulate their sense of ethical leadership;
  2. Conduct research on the industrial and societal impact of these innovations over the next decade.

Each year, the Chair selects some 25 creative and hard-working students from every continent and discipline. It develops a pragmatic and action learning approach involving case studies, role playing, negotiation workshops and team projects conducted in tandem with our partners. The Chair also organizes immersion visits inside European biotech and medtech firms. 

The Chair Teaser as well as the application form can be directly downloaded via the website. You can also contact the Chair Assistant, Ana Gutierrez to collect them at:

Meet us:
Chair's Presentation: September 24th 12.00pm to 1.00pm (in F023)
Application's deadline: September 26th at 4.00pm

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